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My new website turned out great. They showed me how to use the platform as well and now I have full control of my website.

DDI London

“We have worked with them almost nine years as a contract base. They have made a great contribution to our brand image over the years.”


“Buzz Works Advertising designed our new logo. They are also designing our corporate identity. We are pleased with their service and quality.”

DC Group

“I can say that we have one of the best construction catalogue in the industry. They did an excellent work for us. I proudly give our catalogue to any customer I encounter with.”

Acre Construction

“Together, we worked for eight years in harmony. Over these years we have seen great work from them. They have a great eye for design. It was pleasure to work with them.”

Tez Medikal

Buzz Works Advertising designed our new logo and our website. They came up with high quality design works. We are quite happy to work with them .


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